License agreement

The present agreement stipulates the terms of use of contents and services of (hereinafter referred to as the Website) which belongs to Agora Freight International Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the owner and/or administrator) and its customers and agents.

1. General Terms
1.1. The usage of the contents and services of this web site is governed by the norms of the present legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.2. By accessing the contents of this website the user is deemed to have accepted the present terms and conditions.
1.3. The administrator of this web site may unilaterally change the terms of this agreement at any time. Such changes will come into effect 3 days from the moment of publishing the modified agreement on this website. In case the user disagrees with such changes, the user may stop using the contents and services of the website.

2. Obligations of the user.
2.1. The user agrees not to take any action which might be considered a violation of Russian or international legislation, including that affecting intellectual property, or which results, or may result in disruption of the efficiency of the website or its services.
2.2. The usage of the website’s material and content is not allowed without the express permission of the owner who, if necessary, will provide a license for such.

2.3. For quoting of the website’s material the web reference must be used.
2.4. Comments as well as other records of the user on this website should not contradict Russian legislation as well as generally accepted norms of morality.
2.5. The user is warned that the website administrators are not responsible for external links on this web site.
2.6. The user accepts that any material and content of the web site may contain advertising. The user also accepts that the administrators bear no responsibility for such advertising of external services.
2.7. All tariffs resulting from the calculations on this website are subject to further confirmation by a Freight Forwarder nominated by the administrators whose service level has been verified, and being controlled by the owners at each stage. The tariff may change as a result of changes in dimensions and other characteristics of the cargo as well as other individual factors of each shipment.

3. Miscellaneous.
3.1. Any dispute arising out of this Agreement or connected with it is subject to the laws of the Russian Federation.
3.2. Nothing in the Agreement may be considered as agency relationships between the owner or the users, as well as any other relationships (for example, common business activity, loans, etc.) which are not directly specified in this agreement.
3.3. If any of the Clauses of the Agreement is ruled invalid or not obligatory for compliance by the Court, all other clauses will remain valid.
3.4. In case of violation of the Agreement by the user, any negligence or omission to act does not deprive the administrator of taking action to protect its interests and any copyrighted material in the future.

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