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Groupage cargo transportation

Groupage cargo transportation is a relatively fast and cost-effective way of cargo transportation.

LCL freight means that goods of varying dimensions and weights are placed in one vehicle or container for further delivery to the final destination.

The main advantages of groupage cargo delivery are:

  • Customers only pay for the weight and volume that the cargo occupies in the container or truck
  • Groupage delivery is not tied to a specific transport: the cargo can be moved by sea or/and rail or road
  • Optimal cost of transportation positively reduces the total cost of the merchandise

An important requirement for this type of transport is the outer packing – it must be sufficient to protect the cargo during loading, carriage, unloading. Palletization is required in the vast majority of cases.

The Agora Freight system shows various routes and transit times for LCL transport according to the cargo parameters and freight quotations online.

No need to wait for responses from several forwarders to find the best deal for your LCL shipment. You can also book customs clearance and cargo insurance services online just in a few clicks.

How it works


Enter the route, weight, and dimensions of cargo.


Choose the most suitable options for the shipment of your cargo.


Submit your booking which will be immediately assigned to one of our specialists who will manage everything from there.


Track your cargo in your personal area, automatic e-mail or sms notifications on status changes may be switched on.