Online freight calculator

Integrated plug-in for online freight calculations on your website

The e-Commerce shipping module by Agora Freight is a comprehensive online freight calculation and booking solution for an online store or a marketplace.

  • Flexible delivery options by various service providers and modes of transport
  • From less than 1 kg to 20 000 kg
  • Suitable for importers and exporters as well as domestic delivery
  • Minimizes cart abandonment
  • Eliminates unnecessary communications

The customer selects the product, checks out in the cart, and in a few seconds receives delivery options to the person’s address along with the shipping costs and transit times, and can immediately place an order.

Simply book your freight online with multiple carriers and forwarders

Why do I need a plug-in?

Not all online stores sell products that can fit into standard box sizes, say, S, M, or XL that are shipped by express delivery services.

Some stores, which often target both B2B and B2C clients, sell larger items, exceeding the size of 50*30*20cm and a weight of 30 kilograms, as well as involving cross-border trade, not just domestic delivery.

In such cases, one needs a much more powerful tool to enable their clients an impeccable shopping experience allowing them to book freight right in the cart of the store. Otherwise, without knowing the total cost of the purchase, the clients may not be able to make a prompt purchase decision.

Then either the store or the clients will have to look for shipping cost options. To do so, they would need to clarify the origin, dimensions, weight, etc. of the product and approach logistics providers to quote them for the cost of delivery in each case. This process will more than likely take several days and may involve stress and frustration born out of the lack of logistics knowledge.

The e-Commerce shipping module from Agora Freight will help your clients to navigate the cost of delivery as soon as the product is added to the cart and the purchase is completed.

It is known that buyers are more willing to pay for an order online when they immediately see the full cost of the order, including the shipping cost.
Thus, the delivery calculation module will increase sales of your online store even if you work with bulky items and ship orders worldwide.


Features of the delivery module from Agora Freight

Worldwide delivery

Suitable for cross-border trade.

Multiple freight options

Develops multiple freight options by various modes of transport, including multimodal door-to-door transportation.

Suitable for a vast variety of goods

A broad range of weights and dimensions are covered: it is suitable for calculating the delivery of goods weighing from 1 to 20,000 kilograms, all in a few seconds.

‘One-stop-shopping’ window for delivery

Brings together 100 + carriers and logistics providers within the global Agora Freight network. You do not need to have a contract with any of them, via a single integration Agora Freight takes on the responsibility and controls the entire process of the delivery.

Rapid solution

This solution can be integrated via a fully customizable API into your online store or marketplace easily and quickly.

Existing integrations

The Agora Freight global network is already integrated with DHL Express, DPD, and The Russian Post and can be expanded at your request to include your regular agents and providers.

Rapid deployment

The delivery plugin for WooCommerce can be implemented for most CMS and proprietary e-commerce systems.

Take a look at how it works – visit our demo shop!

Multiple delivery options via a single integration

With Agora Freight e-Commerce shipping, you are connected to our entire transport network at once, saving time and effort and enabling your clients to compare multiple delivery options.

Simple integration

The plug-in can be easily integrated with your current CRM and OMS systems.
In addition, your existing and proven logistics providers’ tariffs can be uploaded into the Agora Freight platform.

We are responsible for the cargo movement

Your clients can be assured that their cargo will be delivered in promptly and safely to the required destination.

Streamline your shipping process

Upon purchase, the system will automatically populate the order details within your personal area on the Agora Freight platform. Then the shipment in question can be tracked. A personal manager will be assigned to take care of the entire process. We are not a robot service.

Improve your profitability

Set your freight margin easily within the system to enhance your overall profitability, or leave the default setting as zero.

Take a look at how it works – visit our demo shop!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have several warehouses/shipping addresses?

In this case, we will adjust our plugin to your requirements. Our task is to provide a fast and convenient way of delivering goods using our IT and logistics expertise.

Is customs clearance included in the cost of delivery?

If customs clearance is required by the legislation of the destination country, we can arrange this upon prior agreement with the consignee.

Which countries are covered by your e-Commerce shipping module?

Our plugin is powered by the online rate and booking platform Agora Freight. You can check online all the delivery options to your destinations. All the tariffs you get are not rough estimates, but real tariffs from our trusted carrier and agency network. If any geographical area is not covered yet, we will promptly add the solutions to meet your needs. Please contact us by email.

How are settlements made for the delivery and use of the plugin?

The terms of payment for services are determined in the contract on a case-by-case basis, depending on the volume and geography of your sales and other factors. Contact us to discuss the details.

How to install the plug-in on the website?

We will help with installation, testing and technical support. The module is easily integrated with the most popular CMS.

What trade lanes do you cover?

The rates from more than 100 members of our international network are available on our platform. These are major shipping lines, airlines and railway operators, and express delivery services such as DHL or DPD.

The algorithm of the system can build optimal routes and, if needed, connects several vendors to reduce the cost of delivery. Such solutions are called multimodal transportation, including door-to-door, and as professional freight forwarders, we assume responsibility for the entire route from A to B.

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