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White Label solution to boost your business

We offer a unique White Label solution for your transportation and logistics business. It goes under your own brand, logo and design. Create your own logistics e-space system in a few days.
It guarantees effective interaction between you, your customers and agents. Cuts down on manual labour and order processing costs.

Why us

The following opportunities will be available to you:


Instant rate quotation and instant freight booking worldwide right on your website.

Mass entry of tariffs using a standard Excel file.

Convenient work with tariffs

Centralized storage and convenient tariffs entry. Various types of tariffs are available in the system: air, road, sea, rail, multimodal, FCL/LCL/FTL/LTL. Email notification and system reminders on expired rates.

Personal Area

Personal areas for your clients and partners (forwarders, carriers) where tariffs of various types can be maintained/amended, shipping instructions can be issued, all changes can be tracked.

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A huge number of tariffs

A huge number of tariffs existing in the system enabling you to compare the prices offered to you by your partners.

All in one system

Centralized transportation management within a single system.

API integrations

Integration with external APIs, for example, your information system (TMS, CRM, etc.).

Automatic generation of documents

Automatic generation of quotations for customers, transportation orders on your letterhead (.doc, .pdf).

Documents and their storage

All documents can be linked to orders and conveniently stored in the system.

Easy access to the system

Access to the system both within the corporate network and from outside.

Easy Tracking

Automatic cargo tracking for over 150 airlines and 20 major shipping lines.

Responsive design

Responsive design for the convenience of working from a mobile device.

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Simply book your freight online with multiple carriers and forwarders
Easy and quick

White Label is a quick solution to serve your business targets

No need to hire developers or pay for the server rent.

By signing a partnership agreement, you get access to the system, the availability of which is guaranteed 24/7.

We will help with system implementation, performance testing and support.

Functional development of the system according to your specification is possible.

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