Cargo consolidation and warehouses in China

Cargo consolidation is an important logistics operation. It means the process of combining cargo for transportation in one direction by one mode of transport. This process often requires handling of goods in a warehouse.
This service is popular with many importers and exporters cooperating with China. Agora Freight understands how important it is to provide the customers with a full range of professional logistics services. Thus, since 2020, we have been offering a solution for companies that need temporary placement of goods in China at our own warehouse sites.
Cargo consolidation in China is suitable for companies which prefer to provide a wide range of goods on their website or store, and order small quantities of goods from different suppliers. Delivery times often vary from supplier to supplier. Our consolidation warehousing service in China will help combine these batches into one delivery. We offer a full cycle of logistics services, including the possibility of marking consolidated freight for further transportation, as well as checking it before sending it from China to the country of destination.


Features and Benefits

Suitable for special requests

You can purchase a minimum number of goods from different suppliers without worrying about the delivery time. As a result, a consolidated shipping will be formed.

Reduced shipping costs

By sending a single consignment of goods under the same transport and export documents, you minimize your shipping costs.

Customs cost optimization

Customs clearance of a large consignment of cargo passing under a single export and transport document minimizes the cost per unit of goods.

Check the cargo before shipping

Using our warehousing and consolidated freight services in China, you have the opportunity to check the goods before shipment: open the package, apply additional marking, take a photo and be sure that it meets the specification.

Secure storage

Our warehouses in China meet international standards, including fire safety. We provide handling equipment and round the clock security.

Individual approach

We will select the optimal warehouse based on the geography of your suppliers and shipping requirements.

A complex approach

We offer a full cycle of professional logistics services in China: cargo packaging, marking, storage, handling operations, accompanying service and customs documentation.

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We assume responsibility over the
cargo and entire delivery process.

Our liabilities are underwritten by the leading global
insurer of the transportation and logistics industry.

Warehouses and prices

Hong Kong Hub

from 1,5 USD/m3/day

1-2 days

Shanghai Wai Guo Qiao

от 1,22 USD/м3/день

from 1 day

Songjuang non-bounded FC

from 1,5 USD/m3/day

from 1 day

Songjiang EPZ bonded

from 1,5 USD/m3/day

from 1 day

Shenzhen Pinghu CC

from 1,5 USD/m3/day

from 1 day

Yantian Bonded Logistics Park

from 1,5 USD/m3/day

from 1 day

Ningbo Export CC

from 1,5 USD/m3/day

from 1 to 10 days
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