Agora Freight is an end-to-end service – we are responsible for the shipment from collection to delivery. Our daily overseas operations are supported by our existing global network of partner agents. These long-lasting relationships are an integral element of our clients’ satisfaction with our service.

We carefully select agents per country/port/mode of transport. We aggregate their best rates across all transportation modes (air, land, and sea) on our platform.

There are hundreds of thousands of smaller forwarders in the world with a very similar value propositions and a low level of digitalization.

We are one of the few digital players globally who share our proprietary technology with our agents who cannot create it on their own, thus bringing them a modern cutting-edge system, free of charge.

Given the increasing popularity of the platform, this grants our agents a free sales channel to reach thousands of potential clients with no monetary investment.

So if you are:

  • a small to medium sized family-owned company
  • the owners are involved in day-to-day management
  • focused on particular product/s and geography
  • offering competitive rates and a high level of customer service
  • a member of globally endorsed forwarders’ association

We would welcome you to apply to become our agent in your area.

Why us

The following opportunities will be available to you:

Sales leads on a regular basis

Get sales leads for your services on a regular basis free of charge.

Free promotion worldwide

Promote your rates and services to thousands of clients worldwide for free.

Minimize manual operations

Automate your rates management process and provide online quoting possibility to your clients.

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This is how it works:

  • The agent is nominated for particular route(s) and mode(s) of transportation within the platform.
  • A private area is set up within the platform and the agent can enter and maintain rates there. Initially, Excel or other any other format for rates is ok. We will upload it for you.
  • We will promote the agent’s trade lanes rates over the internet with our know-how and expertise.
  • The agent takes care of the sales leads that we generate.
  • The agent handles the shipment if a booking is made based on their rates.
  • The agent is able to use the platform for automation of their own rates management and quotation process.
  • The agent has access to all the rates in the system.
  • An Agora Freight widget is available for the agent’s website to enable full online quoting.
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