Top 20 countries in imports and exports according to “Agora Freight” data

Top 20 countries in imports and exports according to Agora Freight data

Agora Freight is a platform designed to instantly calculate freight shipping costs worldwide, and an order can also me made.

With Agora Freight, even complex multimodal shipments can be booked as easily as a booking flight.

Previously, such calculations could take days, involving multiple emails and phone calls, time zones also hindered the process.

Now calculations times can be made in seconds, workflows are optimized at every stage, which speeds up the business cycle.

We specialize in the delivery of cargo to/from Russia. The field of freight forwarding is challenging and complex.

The total number of calculations performed on the Agora Freight platform in 2023 was 105790.

We estimate that manual calculation cost to companies is 10USD per calculation, taking into account salaries, taxes, overheads, and the shortage of relevant specialists.

It is difficult to overstate the scale of the savings by using our platform.

In 2023, logistics continued to adapt to new realities, and the statistics of the calculations made by Agora Freight platform confirms global trends.

As you can see in the chart below, the winner in terms of the number of quotations calculated on our platform was China.

The China to Russia route involved 53,000 calculations, which exceeds the statistics for other countries by 4.5 times.

The most calculation performed were on the route Guangzhou to Moscow.

Quantitative data on requests for exports from Russia to China totals 4600+ calculations.

Top three destinations among them are from Vladivostok, St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk to Shanghai.

FCL (full container load) accounted for the most calculations, followed by LCL (less than container).

From Guangzhou to Moscow, our users are more likely to calculate the cost of groupage cargo.

The second and the third places, with a small gap, are occupied by the UAE and Turkey, with import calculation of 12200+ and 11700+ times respectively.
This correlates with recent world events and, among other things, parallel imports.

So the graphs and figures presented are a clear picture of the situation in logistics at the moment.

Dubai to Moscow was calculated more than 1200 times, which is twice as many as the second most popular direction Dubai — Novorossiysk.

It is also the most popular in terms of exports, with some 530+calculations made.

A total of 3,700+ requests were recorded for exports from Russia to the UAE.

The figures for the number LCL and FCL quotations are equal.

The most frequent destination for imports from Turkey to Russia was on the route Istanbul – Moscow, with 840 quotations

The second is Istanbul — Novorossiysk, which is also, as in the case of the UAE, the most demanded destination for exports with 250+ quotations performed.

Agora Freight users also frequently asked for freight rates from Mersin, Ambarli, Antalya, Izmir and Gebze.

In the 4th place is domestic transport within Russia, with over 10500 calculations made.

Seven priority destinations stand out clearly, followed relatively equally by a further 13.

The leaders are: Moscow-St. Petersburg with 152 quotations, followed by Novorossiysk-Moscow and Vladivostok-Moscow.

The fifth place is India, which exceeded the 7,000 calculations.

The Neva Sheva — Novorossiysk route was by far the most popular.

The figures for the remaining 15 countries do not exceed 5,000 calculations.

Pakistan completes the list with 873 calculations on imports to Russia.

As mentioned calculations could take days, involving multiple emails and phone calls, time zones also hindered the process.

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